Meetings and seminars

Webinar within the framework of the QUARSU project


17 June 2021 took place the second part of the webinar within the framework of the QUARSU project “Training on Academic Recognition” with following agenda:

1.                  Connection, assigning participants to Zoom rooms.

2.                  Opening (Marek Frankowicz & Vadym Zakharchenko).

3.                  Break-out groups.

4.                  Plenary session. Reports from breakout groups, discussion.

5.                  Conclusions, final remarks, closing (Marek Frankowicz & Vadym Zakharchenko)

 Break-out “mixed” groups:

5 groups:

1. NUOMA cases (Zoom Room 1)

2. KNTU cases (Zoom Room 2)

3. SSU cases (Zoom Room 3)

4. UNFU cases (Zoom Room 4)

5. DSUM cases (Zoom Room 5)

In each group:

·          Representatives of the institution presenting “homework” case studies

·          Representatives of other institutions as “critical friends”

·          Moderator from EU

·          Rapporteur from UA (chosen by the group)


·          Presentation of cases

·          Discussion

·          Short conclusions