Structural project 609995-EPP-1-2019-1-PL-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP

"Qualifications recognition support for Ukrainian universities"

Project short name: QuaRSU

Project Start Date: 15.11.2019

Project end date: 14.11.2022

The maximum grant contribution amounts: 962.519,00 EUR.

Jagiellonian University

Grant holder :

Jagiellonian University, Poland


Coordinator and General Manager: Prof. Marek Frankowicz


tel: +48 12682376

e-mail: marek.frankowicz@uj.edu.pl

National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”

National Project Coordinator:

National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”


Prof. Vadym Zakharchenko, Vice Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Affairs


tel: +38 048 793-1674

e-mail: zvn@onma.edu.ua

Project goals and objectives:

Wider objective of the project is the Enhancing the role of higher education sector in society by supporting development of Ukrainian recognition system.

Specific project objectives:

  • Design, development and testing of recognition methodology compatible with the National Qualifications Framework;
  • Human resources development for recognition;
  • Establishment of Recognition Support Platform.


  • Analyses of existing standards and methodologies;
  • Development of recognition methodology;
  • Design and implementation of training system;
  • Establishment of recognition centres at UA partner universities;
  • Quality Management.

Expected results:

  • Recognition manual with policy recommendations;
  • Quality Handbook for internal QA;
  • Training centres in partner HEIs;
  • Trained administrative and academic staff;
  • Trained administrative and academic staff.