National Qualifications Agency, Estonia (EQA)

The Estonian Qualifications Authority (trademark – Kutsekoda) as a private legal entity (foundation) was established in August 2001 in order to continue developing the occupational qualifications system launched by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1997. Kutsekoda was established by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Employees’ Unions’ Confederation (TALO) and the Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions. In addition to the founders of the Kutsekoda, the Supervisory Board of Kutsekoda includes a representative of the Ministry of Education and Research. Kutsekoda is developing a support structure for occupational qualifications system in order to increase the competitiveness of Estonian employees and promote the development, assessment, recognition and comparison of their occupational competence.