National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» (NUOMA)

Odessa Maritime Academy is well-known for a long time in the international marine shipping. Throughout the course of history, the Academy has provided high professionalism of scientific-pedagogical personnel, compliance with all international and national standards of education and cadets’ training. National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» is a leading educational, scientific and methodical centre, which defines the strategy and the ways of the maritime education development in Ukraine. The main objective of the Academy is to ensure graduates’ competitiveness in the world labour market. Ukraine is among five leaders regarding the number of officers in the world merchant fleet owing to its graduates, who work at hundreds of shipping companies all over the world


tel: +38 0487931672

Responsible person:

Prof. Dr. Vadym Zakharchenko, Vice Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Affairs

Contacts: tel: +38 0487931674;